Take your business to a whole new world.


The Free version is a great way to see what the platform has to offer your business.
  • VR Hosting: 1 World
  • Online Storage: 1GB


The Standard Version includes 10 worlds, 10 times the storage, not to mention additional building tools.

  • VR Hosting: 10 Worlds
  • Online Storage: 10GB


The professional version provides you the ability to create as many worlds as you like within your account.

  • VR Hosting: Unlimited
  • Online Storage: Unlimited

Getting Started

Getting your business hosted in a VR metaverse sounds pretty hard. Don't worry, Massive Loop™ makes it easy.

Just watch this short "Getting Started" video where we will walk you through the process.

Be sure to check out our other tutorials for more great tips.

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Getting Started with Massive Loop™