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Users: 1051 Avatars: 503 Active Users: 1

Virtual Worlds, Real Experiences

For Desktop,and Virtual Reality(VR) platforms

Join the Metaverse Economy and

Keep what you earn

Massive Loop creators and providers retain 80% of their earnings.

Many ways to earn

  • Become an Avatar/World Creator
  • DJ in a virtual club
  • Become a VTuber and start your own channel
  • Host an event or become a representative
  • Create packages that others can use to build
  • And more.

Join the MLCN:

The Massive Loop Creator Network (MLCN) is our parnter creator program. With the MLCN you can:
  • Redeem credits for cash
  • List your items on the Marketplace
  • Offer Tip/Patron Buttons for your supporters
  • Transfers
  • VTubing tools
  • And more.

Create a server for your community

A Massive Loop Server is a collection of Worlds, Avatars and Members managed by a community

Your server is your communities' district in the metaverse. By creating a server you can enforce what Avatars, Worlds, and Members are allowed to be there.

Servers are ideal communities or organizations with specific vision or requirements that they are trying to enforce (like an avatar theme, or an age restriction).