Massive Loop™ History

Massive Loop™ evolved from a research project at Human Mode in 2018. The goal of the research was to find ways to utilize Virtual Reality for practical business needs without requiring extensive programming or graphic design experience.

After an early prototype, our team embarked on an ambitious set of goals for the platform to make it usable to build experiences for shopping, collaborative design, product demonstration and more. The project continues to rapidly evolve today as we hear from businesses and individuals.


Massive Loop:

Development History

2018: Pre-alpha

The pre-alpha demo of Massive Loop included oculus rift support, the ability to load custom objects (in the .glb format only). It also included the beginnings of custom node scripting
and a small core asset library for users.

2019: Massive Loop Alpha 0.1

The alpha 0.1 version built on the pre-alpha adding multi-user networking support
the ability to save worlds online to a central repository.

2020: Massive Loop Alpha 0.2

The alpha 0.2 build is currently in development. It includes a vast
number of new features including a

  • New Avatar System
  • Ability to Load multiple formats (.fbx, .obj, .stl, .glb)
  • VR shopping features
  • Completely new object model allowing you to build and save custom objects
  • Support for Rift, Quest, Vive and Valve Index, Windows MR
  • Re-designed Lobby
  • Improved networking capabilities
  • A large 2 GB core asset library
  • Online account management
  • Enhanced building tools
  • And more


The alpha 0.2 version is currently scheduled for release at the end of 2020.