Fossil Exhibit
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Fossil Exhibit
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Relax and learn about dinosaurs. Update Notes : 5 / 12 / 2023 : +Updated to SDK version 0.7.9. +Updated vocal audio distancing +Added synced music! 4 / 3 / 2023 : +Updated to SDK version 0.7.6. +Added extended learning opportunities through clickables on the information podiums next to each fossil. Users can click on these to further explore those fossils. +Adjusted post processing effects. There will be more learning materials coming to this world soon!
Publishing Status: Public
Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: 0a9a958e-f5f0-4689-8e42-19148c191298
Owner: Brandon-W
Category museum
Max Visitors (per instance): 16
Worlds Size (MB): 181.73 MB
Published On: 03/24/2023 10:13 AM
Updated On: 05/12/2023 02:15 PM
Created By: Brandon-W