Virtual Arboretum
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  Virtual Arboretum 
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Learn about various trees from the North Eastern Appalachian-Oak forests of the United States. This on-going project will soon cover various wildlife! Currently there are dedicated information posts that will help you learn about these kinds of trees : The Bur Oak The Kentucky Coffeetree The Pin Oak The Swamp White Oak Updated from SDK version 0.6.4 to version 0.7.7! Updated reflection probes. More learning components will be added soon!
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Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: 662d7e41-66ad-471a-9eaf-84d70e80dc13
Owner: Brandon-W
Category nature
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Published On: 11/30/2022 06:35 PM
Updated On: 04/21/2023 03:41 PM
Created By: Brandon-W