Team Battle : Juno
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Team Battle : Juno
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In a distant future where humanity has extended its reach both to the Moon and Mars, a bitter conflict ensues between the once-unified colonies. The Moon and Mars, once united by the shared dreams of space exploration, and the furtherment of humankind's ingenuity, have splintered into two distinct factions driven by divergent ideologies and scarce resources. As the struggle intensifies, an artificial celestial body emerges on the cosmic stage – Juno, a monumental creation of the Earth Galactic Directorate. This majestic artificial planet, designed as a beacon of cooperation and hope, now finds itself thrust into the center of an escalating conflict. Towering terraforming installations on Juno's surface have become the battlegrounds where the fates of these embattled colonies hang in the balance. The outcome of the fierce clash at the terraforming base will not only determine control over this pivotal outpost but also the destiny of humanity's expansion across the cosmos. Amidst the chaos, individuals from both sides grapple with their loyalties, question the cost of their ambitions and consider whether the lessons of unity that can still be salvaged from the brink of war. The Martian colonies' fervent desire to retain control over the terraforming facility on Juno is fueled by a combination of strategic, political, and economic factors. Beyond the immediate tactical gains, holding the base would carry profound symbolic weight for the Lunar colonies – a testament to their resilience and determination to thrive independently, even as they navigate the complexities of interplanetary politics. Who will conquer? Pick your side. Scattered in the field are weapon materializers. Find them. Before the enemy finds you. Update Notes: 10-16-2023: +Updated text shaders +Made text font match the mood of the environment! 8-25-2023: +Updated spawn area +Made it so when a match starts the team selectors get disabled to help avoid players randomly switching teams mid-match 8-14-2023: +Changed the name of this game world. +Changed the science research bay into both the spectator lobby as well as the initial spawning area. +Shifted some pistol and revolver spawn locations. +Updated graphics for the team UI indicator. +Updated team selectors with text as to which team they are. +Updated respawn locations.
Publishing Status: Public (Globally)
Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: 6982c98f-617d-4ce0-9261-00fee5d25c0f
Owner: Brandon-W
Category game-shooter
Max Visitors (per instance): 30
Worlds Size (MB): 219.07 MB
Published On: 08/09/2023 02:13 PM
Updated On: 05/24/2024 09:31 PM
Created By: Brandon-W