Cozy Tavern
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Cozy Tavern
209 Visits
Hang out with your friends in this warm tavern! 3/28/2023 : Updated to SDK version 0.7.5. Seats have been adjusted to enable sitting posture. Mirror has been added. 3 / 9 / 2023 : Updated to SDK version 0.7.2 1 / 23 / 2023 Change Notes : Overall size has been reduced by half, new lightmapping has increased performance and has made the whole tavern feel more cozy and warm, new post processing effects have been added, chair grabbing and sitting functionality has been reworked, and a new logo has been added.
Publishing Status: Public (Globally)
Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: 777901ea-558e-4aa3-b1d2-82fb57971d73
Owner: Brandon-W
Category social
Max Visitors (per instance): 16
Worlds Size (MB): 81.59 MB
Published On: 11/30/2022 06:35 PM
Updated On: 03/28/2023 10:33 AM
Created By: Brandon-W