Neighborhood Night Ops
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Neighborhood Night Ops
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The Hazelwood neighborhood has been infiltrated by hostile operatives... Clear them out, collect points, and survive as long as possible! This is a multiplayer only game. Update notes : 2/8/2024: +Improved performance +Player assist counter is now working +Implemented practice mode with AI enemies +Re-enabled cloud scoreboard 11/20/2023: +Added new re-init button +Removed spectator / arena boundary +Added more guns to respawn location +Added spawn area with new welcome messages and instructions 10/12/2023 : +Updated HUD +New lightmapping +Updated from SDK version 0.7.10 to 0.8.1 6 / 7 / 2023 : +Updated to SDK version 0.7.10! +Grenade launcher's charge up time has been increased to help with balancing. (1.5sec -> 2.5sec) 5 / 29 / 2023 : +Further Fixes to cloud storage capabilities. +Changed visuals for the cloud storage leaderboard. 5 / 25 / 2023 : +Fixing players not being able to see projectiles from other players. +Fixing Grenade Launcher and shotgun. +Readjusted grenade launcher to have more ammo, but it now has a much longer charge-up time. 5 / 19 / 2023 : +Fixing cloud storage infrastructure. +Fixing cloud leaderboard. 5 / 17 / 2023 : +Fixed audio consistency, this is to help prevent audio related error 5 / 15 / 2023 : +Cloud leaderboard integration added! +High scores have been reset. 5 / 10 / 2023 : +Attempting to implement cloud storage structure 5 / 8 / 2023 : +Cloud storage inclusion is in development, in the future this will store people's scores! +World size 233mb --> 130mb! +Maximum players changed to 10 players. 5 / 4/ 2023 : +Reworked the shotgun again! It is now projectile based. +Adjusted grip location on shotgun. +Fixed gun colliders to no longer hit players. 5 / 1 / 2023 : +Adjusted text sizes on weaponry to make ammo and HP counters more easily readable. +Adjusted grab and drop sounds on all guns. +Adjusted grenade launcher's functionality. 4 / 26 / 2023 : +Added a grenade launcher! +Updated text font and material present on weaponry and in the armory. 4/13/2023 : +Improved graphics for the weapon stats board +Adjusted post processing effects +Adjusted damage values of the silenced pistol +Adjusted the fire rate of the SMG +Adjusted audio volume of the SMG 4/10/2023 : +Added match reset button to the lobby. This is to help reset the functionality of the game manager without requiring users to reset the whole instance. +Adjusted hand placements on the AR and SMG. 3 / 29 / 2023 : +Updated to SDK 0.7.6. +Adjusted walk speed. +Added emergency end match button within the arena in case extra users want to join while a match is currently ongoing. This also will help in case the match glitches, providing a way for users to reset the match without needing to reload the world. +Added a reticle to the sniper rifle scope.
Publishing Status: Public (Globally)
Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: a8f4d345-b05d-4658-89d4-9a38cff21891
Owner: Brandon-W
Category game-shooter
Max Visitors (per instance): 20
Worlds Size (MB): 161.72 MB
Published On: 02/17/2023 05:36 PM
Updated On: 05/20/2024 01:52 PM
Created By: Brandon-W