Tree House Hangout
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Tree House Hangout
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Hangout with your friends among the trees! World has been redone, new post processing effects, new lighting has been added, utilizes the ML-Streaming browser, backdrop has been added, performance has been improved. 5 / 19 / 2023 : Updated to SDK 0.7.9. Added drawing pens. Updated lighting. Updated collision on tree house. Added reflection probes.
Publishing Status: Public
Age Restriction: none
Server: Massive Loop
World Id: f6cae438-816e-45e0-830c-e61a2753b1de
Owner: Brandon-W
Category social
Max Visitors (per instance): 16
Worlds Size (MB): 31.25 MB
Published On: 11/30/2022 06:35 PM
Updated On: 05/19/2023 11:56 AM
Created By: Brandon-W