Massive Loop is an immersive, high fidelity Virtual Reality Metaverse for players and creators to explore. 

Built for Players

Massive Loop is a network of virtual worlds created by individuals. The platform supports the hosting of beautiful, dynamic worlds where you can hangout with friends including multiplayer games, virtual shops, museums, clubs, business experiences and more. Walk through a Nexus point (a virtual city)  or drop a portal for your friends to a new destination.

Built for Creators

Our SDK is fully scriptable. Our focus is to help developers leverage their existing skills to build beautiful, compelling and immersive worlds and share them with others. In the SDK, you will find features to help with multiplayer networking, world hosting and more. Getting started is easy. Just watch our short video tutorials: massiveloop.com/sdk-tutorials

Then check out these other creator resources:

  • Complete SDK reference (sdk.massiveloop.com)
  • SDK Open Library: This library includes freely provided, fully scripted worlds and games with open licensing allowing you to use them to learn or as templates for your own creations.
  • Connect with other creators on discord #SDK channels (discord.gg/massiveloop)

Development Roadmap

Massive Loop is currently undergoing its Closed Alpha release which is scheduled to complete in 2022. At that time the platform will be open to the public. In the meantime join us on Discord for regular feature updates and on new worlds and experiences being created by the community. Or consider signing up for the closed alpha to help us improve the platform.


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